An investigation of constraints - Teachers’ technology use in everyday work life

The past decades have seen digital technology become a critical feature of higher education strategies. In particular, digital platforms have become central to supporting the management of courses, students, and student-centred educational interactions. However, digital teaching and learning place new demands on students and teachers and bring the logic of platforms, datafication of actions, and surveillance into higher education teaching and learning.

This research project is designed to identify how digital technology configures teaching and learning. The project focuses on teacher agency, concentrating on how teachers’ actions are constrained by digital technology and digital education, to identify the relational, technical, and organisational adjustments that might be made within the university to facilitate 'better' digital teaching environments.


  • Evaluations of digital teaching at the university
  • Recommendations for future teaching environments based on teachers’ perspectives
  • Recommendations for future development of digital teaching competencies with a focus on Higher Education


Principal investigator: Maria Hvid Stenalt, Postdoc


Professor Emerita, Helle Mathiasen, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen

Associate Professor, Mette Krogh Christensen, Centre for Educational Development, Aarhus University

Postdoc, Mark William Johnson, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen

Postdoc, Danielle Elizabeth Hagood, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen

Project period

1/6 2021 - 31/12 2024