Reinventing research-based education at the university

This research project examines how the idea of research-based education is currently reinvented and emerging in new configurations. Taking its point of departure in a strategic initiative of the University of Copenhagen to integrate research and teaching, the project explores the different conditions and modes of organizing that affect how such integration takes form.

Students in the laboratory
Photographer: Henrik Ørslev

Research-based education is a key principle of the modern university, but can take different forms depending on the context, discipline and how it is organized. This project combines interviews, participant observation and methods of contemporary history to elucidate how efforts to integrate research and teaching are configured within different subject fields, how its organization affects learning and teaching, and what challenges and potentials coupling research and education meet in the university of today.

The overall aim is to create insights that can qualify future developments at the University of Copenhagen, but also to elucidate the broader tendencies that shape the relation between research and education in universities of today.

Project leader

Postdoc Marie Larsen Ryberg

Project period

December 2020 to November 2023