Even though for decades, science has known about – and warned about – the consequences of humanity’s excessive consumption of resources, we find ourselves facing a series of global problems related to this consumption.

Addressing Sustainability using Arts-Based Science Communication (SUSTAIN-ART-SCI) is a research programme that develops insights on how to create transformational science communication to support the transition to a sustainable future. Drawing on knowledge from across the natural sciences, social science and the humanities, the programme will experiment with a variety of art-science formats, in a variety of settings, to engage researchers, communicators and a variety of publics in co-creating actionable knowledge and know-how.

The project is managed by the research group Science Communication at the Department of Science Education, and partners with the Medical Museion, the Copenhagen ZOO, and the Museum of Science and Technology.

Advisory Board




Expert practitioners

Vanessa Mignan Jenkins

Science engagement expert


Jesper Dalgaard Pøhler

Sustainable leadership expert


Expert researchers

Kristine Marie Berg Associate professor of communication University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Justin Dillon Professor of science and environmental education University College London, UK

Funded by:

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SUSTAIN-ART-SCI has received funding from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Period:  Dec. 2023 - May 2027


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