Center for Digital Education

The Center for Digital Education (CDE) was established in the fall of 2019 as a collaborative effort between the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Science Education at the University of Copenhagen. CDE connects and supports experts in computer science and STEM education in the joint exploration of the possibilities and consequences of the digitisation of educational processes and institutions. The main research interests of CDE are learning analytics, implementation of digital tools and learning environments, computer science education and the influence of digital technologies on the STEM disciplines. 

Research themes

  • Learning analytics
  • Implementation of digital tools
  • Computer science education
  • Digital technologies and STEM





































Name Title Phone E-mail
Andreas Lindenskov Tamborg Postdoc +4535325223 E-mail
Christian Grubb Special Consultant +4535332531 E-mail
Daniel Spikol Associate Professor   E-mail
Danielle Elizabeth Hagood Postdoc +4535334010 E-mail
Jesper Bruun Associate Professor +4535320391 E-mail
Katrine Lindvig Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535320371 E-mail
Lars Klingenberg Special Consultant +4535331460 E-mail
Maria Hvid Stenalt Postdoc +4535322491 E-mail
Mark William Johnson Postdoc +4535337087 E-mail
Morten Misfeldt Professor +4535326380 E-mail
Viktor Holm-Janas Research Assistant +4535326920 E-mail