Adrienne Lorelei Traxler

Adrienne Lorelei Traxler

Associate Professor

I am a physics education researcher focused primarily on university level teaching and learning, with various interdisciplinary connections and adjoining interests. My research centers primarily around network analysis and around gender issues in physics. My educational background is in physics, teaching, and applied mathematics.

Primary fields of research

Network analysis

I use networks to look at systems of interacting students or scientists (social network analysis) and as tools to study the connections between conceptual codes or elements. This work has included study of student interaction networks, item networks on concept inventories, and personal networks of practicing physicists.

Gender in physics

My interests are in broadening participation in physics, both to improve physics and to empower people who are currently disenfranchised from it. This work has included quantitative analyses of gender fairness in physics concept inventories and synthesis of research in science education and neighboring fields as applied to physics.

Recent projects

A non-exhaustive list of work in progress:

  • Characterizing Active Learning Environments in Physicsl, using network surveys and classroom observation data to map similarities and differences between pedagogies
  • Egocentric network analysis of the professional support networks of women and LGBTQ+ physicists in the United States


I teach in the Introduction to University Pedagogy (IUP) and University Pedagogy (Universitetspædagogikum, UP) courses.

Prior to coming to the University of Copenhagen, I taught physics courses at various levels. I am also an instructor of Data Carpentry and Software Carpentry workshops through The Carpentries.

ID: 315132727