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Qualitative Methodologies, PhD-course


Course aim

The course aim to work intensively with different qualitative methodologies, and the reflections qualitative researchers go through when engaging in these methods. The learning objectives of the course are:

  • The participants will be able to identify the pros and cons of applying different qualitative methods
  • They will be capable of selecting and reflecting on their choice of methods and its suitability to different research aim
  • They will acquire the competences to carry out qualitative research in practice and to reflect methodological on the challenges they encounter
  • They will be able to pick out and address relevant ethical considerations and to meet qualitative research criteria

The course is based on active participation all course week. It will consist of teacher presentations, practical individual work, work in groups and class discussion.


The course aims at international PhD-students’ who work with qualitative methodologies within educational research in general or science education in particular.


Deadline 1st of June:

  • Please send an abstract (max one page) of your PhD-project to lmmadsen@ind.ku.dk. Also write a few lines about your previous experience with qualitative data, and if and how you are using it in your project.
  • Further we would like some words about currently status – did you already collect data or are you in the phase of planning data-collection?

Literature will be shared before the course.


The course will last one full week (3 ECTS). After the course the participants can gain extra ECTS-points if they submit a paper that will be part of a course-proceeding (5 ECTS). The participants will receive peer-reviews and comments from the editor on their papers.

Course plan


Description of course elements

Information about literature is coming later.