For students

General questions regarding courses at Department of Science Education can be directed to Marianne Achiam (vice head of department, teaching). See also the contact person for the specific course.


Most science professionals are required, from time to time, to communicate their knowledge to others; either as teachers or in other contexts. This is, in effect, what didactics is about. As a student, you may include didactics in your studies in the shape of both courses and projects. 

  • A basic course in science didactics (DidG) is held twice a year for students who have an interest in didactics or who are training to become teachers
  • Advanced courses in didactics are offered building upon the basic science didactics course:  A continuing mathematics didactics course and a continuing course in the didactics of natural sciences
  • Master's thesis projects and other projects may be carried out within science didactics
  • Science communication courses are held at regular intervals for students who have  part-time jobs as science communicators or who wish to pursue a science communication career.

Science Studies/Philosophy of science

The department offers basic and advanced courses in philosophy of science aimed for students enrolled at the BSc and MSc programs at SCIENCE.

In addition, faculty members from the research group in Science Studies offer supervision of BSc and MSc theses.   

Overview of current courses:

Bachelor (University of Copenhagen course catalog

Full Degree Master (University of Copenhagen course catalog)

New: Science Communication in Theory and Practice

This 7,5 ECTS course in August is an international two week summer school for Master and Ph.d.-students. The course offers students from all disciplines the opportunity to gain skills in the understanding and production of research communication and in interdisciplinary, problem-oriented collaboration. 

NORDIMA - Joint Nordic Master's Programme in Didactics of Mathematics

With a bachelor degree in mathematics you can apply for this new master programme in the didactics of mathematics. The programme takes place partly in Norway (University of Agder, Kristianssand) and partly in Denmark (University of Copenhagen).

Master's theses and other projects

If you are a bachelor in a science subject, you can do your master's thesis in the  didactics of your subject. Alternatively a subject didactical project can be a part of the "free" section of the bachelor education.

Workshop for students working as instructors

Course language is danish. The week before block 1 we have a one-day workshop for students who participate in teaching at SCIENCE. See the description on the danish website.