PhD courses at DSE – University of Copenhagen

PhD-courses in science education and didactics 


Questions regarding courses and registration can be directected to Nadja Nordmaj (course secretary) or Marianne Achiam (vice head of department, teaching). 

Advanced Didactics of Mathematics (DidMatV) - 7,5 ECTS

The course enables the student to become familiar with a selection of current theories and methods in the didactics of mathematics.       

Content analysis in Mathematics and Science Education - 5 ECTS             

Participants will be provided with examples and methods for content analysis as part of research in didactics of mathematics and science, with a special emphasis on praxeological analysis in the sense of the Anthropological Theory of the Didactic.

Introduction Course for New PhD Students (generic course) - 3 ECTS

The aim of the course is to offer PhD fellows competences to manage their project, their research education, their work/life balance and collaborate with their supervisor(s). Participants will achieve an overview of their study and the skills and competences necessary to become a mature and independent researcher.

Introduction to University Pedagogy (IUP) - 3 ECTS

This intensive introductory course provides participants with the basic theory and practical skills to improve the quality of their own teaching. Through lesson exercises, participants will experience a variety of teaching and recieve feedback on their own teaching.

Inquiry in Mathematics and Science: The interplay of didactical and epistemological perspectives - 5 ECTS

Inquiry is a term used to describe both research practices and teaching frameworks on
mathematics and science. This course will focus on the similarities,
differences, and interplay between inquiry in research and inquiry in teaching
and its implications for education research.

Qualitative methods in science education - 3 ECTS

The course work intensively with different qualitative methodologies and the reflections qualitative researchers go through when engaging in these methods. The methods are qualitative interviews, class room observations, ethnographic methods and longitudinal studies. In addition, the course also includes important topics such as qualitative research criteria, ethics, and the challenges of studying subtle mechanism as gender, power relations and positionality.

Supervision of BSc and MSc students - 1 ECTS 

The focus of the course is on the supervision of BSc and MSc students who are doing their bachelor’s project or Master’s thesis or who are doing other kinds of projects under supervision.

Writer Development - 5 ECTS

This course focuses on writers' understanding of their own process on writing. The course provides participants with a toolbox to help them take control of their writing process and feedback needs. 

Writing to get published in STEM education research - 5 ECTS

The course introduces the participants to strategic and meta-strategic considerations when publishing in an international context. Participants are given basic tools and foci for scholarly writing. Participants will acquire knowledge of norms, academic genres and bad practice. Further, participants will learn how to respond to reviews; including simulated reviews on writings from the course lecturers. They will have a peer and professionally reviewed article ready to correct and submit by the end of the course.