Knowledge for Teaching Upper-secondary Mathematics: comparison and benchmarking across Europe

The project aims at exploring a possible common core framework for the education of upper secondary mathematics teachers through:

  1. the building of a 4EU+ community of researchers in Mathematics Teacher Education
  2. a recognition of practices at participating universities
  3. the development of tools to compare the mathematics pedagogical content knowledge (MPCK) of students at participating universities
  4. a feasibility study for the development of research-based common teaching practices in participating university Teacher Education programmes.

European countries propose different routes leading future teachers from the end of secondary education to full qualification to teach Mathematics: we intend to map similarities and differences between these routes as implemented in the participating universities. This will allow us to design items to test and compare the MPCK of graduating students enrolled in nationally leading mathematics teacher education programmes.

Furthermore, the involvement of research oriented students in Teacher Education programmes will not only  encourage the internationalisation of these programmes, but will, combined with the analysis of the data generated by the project, allow the assessment of the feasibility of common educational activities in our Teacher Education programmes, as well as of European large scale research projects in the area.

The project is financed by the 4EU+ alliance and involves research groups in Didactics of Mathematics at the following partner universities: University of Milan (PI: Ottavio Rizzo), Sorbonne University (Paris, PI: Renaud Chorlay), Charles University (Prague, PI: Nada Vondrová) and University of Copenhagen (PI: Carl Winsløw).


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Britta Eyrich Jessen Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535320363 E-mail
Carl Winsløw Professor +4535320433 E-mail
Derya Diana Cosan PhD Fellow +4535325913 E-mail
Rongrong Huo PhD Student   E-mail

Project period: 1/9 2023-31/12 2024