Didactics of Mathematics

The research group Didactics of Mathematics works on subject specific and more generic problems related to the teaching of mathematics at all levels.

Our main theoretical points of references include the Anthropological Theory of the Didactic and the Theory of Didactical Situations. The group holds frequent public seminars in which ongoing research by members and guests is presented and discussed.














  • TIME (financed by the EU - December 2019-August 2022)
  • SIGMA (3 year postdoc project, financed by the Lundbeck Foundation
  • Didactical Design for Statistical Literacy, financed by the PhD Council 
  • Partner in Danish centre "Nationalt Center for Matematikundervisning"
  • The Abstraction Gap, financed by the PhD Council 



































Name Title Phone E-mail
Carl Winsløw Professor, Chair +45 353-20433 E-mail
Britta Jessen Assistant professor +45 353-20363 E-mail
Rongrong Huo PhD student E-mail
Pia Beck Tonnesen PhD student E-mail
Mayu Aoki PhD student E-mail
Derya Diana Cosan PhD student +45353-25913 E-mail
Camilla Hellsten Østergaard PhD student E-mail
Morten Misfeldt Professor, Associated member +45 353-26380 E-mail
Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen Professor, Associated member +45 353-35161 E-mail
Andreas Lindenskov Tamborg Assistant professor, tenure track, Associated member +45 353-25223 E-mail
Jonas Dreyøe PhD student, associated member E-mail