University Science Education

The research group of University Science Education carries out research concerning key issues related to teaching and learning in university-science programmes, but the members of the group have experience with research at other educational levels as well. Some of the research carried out by the group is related to educational development projects at the University of Copenhagen.






The group’s research focuses on the interactions between students, staff, curricula and the teaching and learning cultures at university. This has been studied in relation to the following themes, in particular:

  • Student transition and student retention through the university programmes. The research has studied the encounter between the students and the organization of the curriculum and the teaching, and how this affects the students’ participation and their construction of disciplinary identities
  • Laboratory teaching and learning processes in labs, lab teaching as epistemic practice, the question of which competences could be developed in lab teaching as well as the progression in the students’ development of competences
  • Interdisciplinary education and teaching – particularly in higher education context, but also at other educational levels. The focus is on the translation from interdisciplinary research to interdisciplinary teaching and curricula
  • The integration of research in teaching with a particular focus on students’ and teachers’ experiences, and the conditions affecting how research-based education takes form.

Two new themes to be addressed are research into PhD supervision and into wicked problems and how they should be addressed in higher-education curricula and teaching.



The research group has extended experience with qualitative methodologies (e.g., ethnographic fieldwork and different kinds of qualitative interviews), with longitudinal studies and with combinations of quantitative and qualitative methods (mixed-methods approaches).









































DUN is a network for teachers, developers, researchers and administrative staff at the universities with an interest in teaching and learning in higher education. The network facilitates a number of special-interest groups, it organises an annual conference and publishes a journal (The Danish Journal of Higher Education (DUT)) with two annual issues. Most of the activities and articles are in Danish, but some of the conference sessions and some of the articles in the journal are in English, just as some of the SIGs have English as their working language.

- A brief introduction to DUN in English:
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- The Danish Journal of Higher Education (DUT):
- DUN is a member of the International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED) (








Members of the research group:

Name Title Phone E-mail
Frederik Voetmann Christiansen Associate Professor +4552119916 E-mail
Hendra Yusup Agustian Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535334470 E-mail
Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaard Professor +4535320386 E-mail
Jan Sølberg Associate Professor +4521697437 E-mail
Katia Bill Nielsen Postdoc +4535326581 E-mail
Katrine Ellemose Lindvig Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535320371 E-mail
Lars Ulriksen Professor +4535320338 E-mail
Marie Larsen Ryberg Assistant Professor +4535332377 E-mail
Rie Hjørnegaard Malm Assistant Professor +4535323391 E-mail

The following are affiliated with the group:

Name Title
Lotte Ebsen Sjøstedt Specialist Consultant
Morten Levinsky Thorsboe PhD student at Roskilde University
Francesco De Zuani Cassina  Visiting PhD student from the University of Bologna, spring 2024
Vera Spangler Visiting PhD student from the University of Bologna, spring 2024


Professor Lars Ulriksen, Chair,

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