Research Assessment

In 2017 and 2018, the Department of Science Education undergoes an international Research Assessment. Members of the assessment board are:

The process will include self-evaluation and strategy processes in 2017 and a site-visit by the assessment board in March 2018.

Scientific Advisory Board

Previously, Scientific Advisory Board visited the department.

Scientific Advisory Board for Department of Science Education 2015:

  • Professor Doris Jorde Oslo Universitet 
  • HE Consultant, Emeritus Professor Mick Healey, University of Gloucester
  • Professor Ghislaine Gueudet (ESPE Bretagne)
  • Professor Jonathan Osborne (Stanford)

Scienctific Advisory Board visited the department March 23-24 2015. See the report:

Scientific Advisory Board for Department of Science Education 2010:

  • Professor Doris Jorde, University of Oslo, Norge, chair of SAB
  • Professor Manfred Prenzel, Technische Universität München, Germany
  • Professor Mick Healey, University of Glouchestershire, England
  • Professor Mogens Niss, Roskilde University, Danmark

Scientific Advisory Board visited the department March 14-16 2010. See the report: