The department secretariat handles the daily administration and the department student administration. The tasks are divided between two departmental secretaries as follows:

Sebastian Horst

Department administrator

Tine Capion Nielsen

Academic administrative officer

Christina Larsen

Department secretary

  • Economics: Accounting, internal and external invoicing, external expenses, payment of fees.
  • Staff: Employments, hourly salaries, registration of vacation and absence
  • Project administration (contact and collaborations)
  • RejsUd (support)
  • Admission cards and keys

Nadja Nordmaj

Programme secretary

  • Studies administration, ph.d-secretary, course responsible, exam protocol and sensor fees
  • External expenses and employment for eg. instructors at IND’s courses.
  • Room booking and catering (for example for courses, exams)
  • Purchase of IT, inventory and office supplies
  • IT and phones
  • Ad hoc room bookings