Introduction to University Pedagogy (IUP)

About the course

This course supports the participants in developing their competencies to plan, carry out, and evaluate teaching.

Throughout the course, participants will experience example lessons, discussions, hands-on activities, and reflective exercises that help them apply pedagogical principles and practices in learning design. The essential project for the course is designing and delivering a 25-minute lesson in which students apply the theory and practices experienced in-class activities. Together, we will reflect on our own teaching choices and give feedback to others while also discussing teaching and learning in higher education more generally.

Learning outcome

After the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Design teaching with active learning principles based on constructivist theory.
  • Create intended learning outcomes (ILOs) and align teaching to them.
  • Use inductive learning techniques to facilitate student learning.
  • Use dialogic techniques to facilitate student learning.
  • Deliver teaching and explain your instructional choices based on constructivist theory and practical experiences.
  • Evaluate teaching and give formative feedback about how to facilitate student learning.
  • Reflect on designing and delivering teaching to improve your teaching pratices.

Canvas/Absalon invitation

Approximately two weeks before the course, the teachers will send an e-mail with information about the course. Shortly after, you will receive an invitation to the course room on Absalon.












The course is an intensive 5 day course, all within the same week.

5 days (Mon-Fri) from 09:00 - 16:00 all days. For some teams, Tuesday may be online. Preparation outside class is expected.

You cannot take other courses at the same time.

Participants are expected to give a short lesson during the course and contribute to discussions and the exchange of ideas based on the other participants’ lessons. Participants will prepare and teach a short lesson during the course and contribute to discussions and the exchange of ideas based on the other participants’ lessons. These lesson exercises will be used as the basis for giving specific feedback to each participant as well as a vantage point to discuss general principals of teaching. 












77 working hours (47 for preparation, and 30 for course).



  • PhD students and other scientific staff at the Faculties of SCIENCE
  • PhD students and other scientific staff at the Faculties of SUND


DKK 4.500
From September 2024 DKK: 5464. 
Your registration is considered binding and the following rules apply:

3 weeks before the start of the course, it is possible to opt out, without having to pay participation fees. If you opt out beyond this date or do not show up on the course you will be charged the full participation fee, unless another participant are able to sign up for the course instead.

  • PhD-students and assistant professors/postdocs attending UP from SCIENCE will have their participation fees paid for by the Faculty, IF they pass the course. IF they do not pass, participation fees will be send to the financially responsible body (typically the home institute).
  • PhD students from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences are paid for through their Graduate School.

  • All other participants are required to cover any and all costs pertaining to this course themselves.
Each participant is responsible for ensuring that the financially responsible body (typically the home institute) accepts all costs before signing up for this. 


The course is centred around active learning, which means that the teaching is designed for the participants to actively participate in class to obtain the learning outcomes of the course.


You must attend the Monday (9-15), Tuesday (9-12), and Friday afternoon (13-15). No parts of these days can be missed.

You cannot miss more than 3 hours of scheduled teaching the rest of the course days, and only if this has been agreed upon before the course starts. Thus, if you have engagements that cannot be rescheduled and require you to be present elsewhere, you must notify the course teachers in writing before the course starts.

If you do not meet this standard, you will not be able to continue the course, and the participation fee will not be reimbursed.





Department of Science Education, Rådmandsgade 64, 2200 København N.