Course for Teaching Assistants

Learning outcomes 

The course provides participants with new perspectives on teaching through different kinds of activities (group discussions, exchange of experiences, presentations) and enables the teaching assistants to plan, carry out and evaluate their teaching, focusing on the outcome of the students.  

Through the course, the participants will be provided with tools: 

  • To plan, carry out and evaluate their teaching 
  • To identify challenges and opportunities to act in a given teaching situation 
  • To try out/ test and evaluate new initiatives in their teaching. 






The course has a scope of approx. 10 hours of teaching. The course starts with workshop activities (on site and online). The course is concluded with an assignment. In the assignment each participant reflects on their teaching. The assignment is presented at a final meeting a few months after the first day of the course. The course is based on active participation in both plenary, group and virtual discussions, based on the experiences of the participants. Each participant hands in small assignments during the course before teaching.  

The English version of the course is under development and may vary slightly in scope and format compared to the Danish version.







Students who have got a position as Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Science, UCPH.

Danish version: Primarily for Teaching Assistant teaching on bachelor courses especially first year courses. Participants should be able to speak and participate in discussions ind danish.

English version: Primarily for english speaking TA's and TA's teaching courses in english at master level or bachelor courses at 2. and third year.

Participants has to be students.

PhD students are recommended to follow the course ‘Introduction to University Pedagogy’ (IUP). You can read more about the IUP course here. 



















    Spring 2024 - Course in Danish

    Course days: 

    • Tuesday 30 January, On site workshop
    • Thursday 1 February,  online workshop
    • Final meeting, On site, 16 April or 25 June November, 14:00-16:00  or 1 February 2024, 13:00-15:00

    Be aware - the course language is DANISH. See below for the English version of the TA course

    Registration before 15 January August. 
    Details and registration on the Danish course page: Instruktorkursus

    Autumn 2024 - Courses in Danish and English

    Course in Danish, aimed at new Teaching Assistents on bachelor courses, especially courses in the first year.

    This course will take place before block 1, but the dates hasn't been settled yet.

    Further information on the Danish course page:  Instruktorkursus

    Course in English, primarily for teaching assistants teaching master courses (or bachelor courses at 2. and 3. year).

    The dates will be announced later.

    Sign up for the e-mail service, and we will notify you directly when registration opens: Email service