Course for department supervisors associated with Universitetspædagogikum

The course is mandatory for all supervisors. The course runs twice a year and all who wish to be department supervisors will receive an invitation for each course until the course has been completed.

Learning outcome

  • The participant can manage academic supervision of assistant professors in a way which supports the pedagogical development of the assistant professor, and which builds on an understanding of the essential pedagogical principals of Universitetspædagogikum
  • The participant is able to draw from a range of different techniques in the supervision
  • The participant can carry out supervision and counselling, both as a supervisor and supervisee, in a way that supports the supervisee's reflection upon and development of their own supervision practice
  • The participant can engage in a discussion of the organization of Universitetspædagogikum at the faculty and department of the participant, and is in this discussion able to factor in theoretically funded arguments and considerations.