The Villum Foundation and the Novo Nordisk Foundation fund the SCOPE project, which will investigate how children and young people's knowledge of, interest in and relationship with science develop over time.

A special focus will be on understanding how children and young people's experiences and backgrounds play together with their opportunity to see themselves in science. It is among other things these backgrounds, experiences and resources that will be explored with the concept of science capital. It can help us understand why some children and young people develop and maintain a science interest while others do not. This interest is important for the education of children as citizens and for some also for their choice of education.

The project management is held by VIVE and the Department of Science Education (DSE), University of Copenhagen. Other partners in the project are Københavns Professionshøjskole (KP), VIA University College and Astra.
DSE is responsible for the qualitative part of the project.

Overview of results and publications (in Danish).


Project group from DSE

Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaard, Associate professor, Project leader

Lars Ulriksen, Professor

Ene Ernst Hoppe, PhD student

Katia Bill Nielsen, Postdoc

Project period