Ricardo Avelar Sotomaior Karam

Ricardo Avelar Sotomaior Karam


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  • Fysikkens Didaktik


2008-2012: Ph.D. in Science and Mathematics Education University of São Paulo/TU Dresden Mathematical Reasoning in Physics Instruction

2004-2005: M.Sc. in Science Education Federal University of Santa Catarina
2000-2002: B.A. in Mathematics and Physics Education Catholic University of Paraná
1997-2001: B.Sc. in Civil Engineering Federal University of Paraná 

Teaching experience

2013-2014: Visiting scholar at the Physics Department of the University of Helsinki and Dresden. Course given: Roles of Mathematics in Physics

2007-2009: Associate Professor of Mathematics Federal Institute of Science and Technology. Courses given: Calculus, Statistics and Linear Algebra  
2006-2007: Physics Lecturer State University of Santa Catarina. Courses given: General Physics and Teaching Practice
2006-2007: In-service teacher training courses – Lecturer IBPEX. Courses given: History of Mathematics and Problem Solving
2004-2006: Physics Lecturer Federal University of Santa Catarina. Courses given: Vector Mechanics and General Physics
2004-2006: Volunteer work – Lecturer “Alfabetização Solidária” Organization. Courses given: Didactics of Mathematics
2000-2004: Physics/Mathematics High School Teacher Colégio Dom Bosco. Classes given: Mathematics and Physics at upper secondary level
Related experience
2015-2017: Director of the IHPST Council
2015-present: Member of the Editorial Board - Science & Education   
2012-2015: Assistant Editor - Science & Education
2009: Consultant for Educational Issues - Brazilian Ministry of Education 
2003-2006: Author of Physics school books and educational software - Editora Dom Bosco 
Grants and scholarships 
2012-2014: Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Hamburg, Germany 
2011-2012: FAPESP Graduate Fellowship University of São Paulo, Brazil 
April 2011: Research Stay University of Maryland, USA - Prof. Edward Redish
2010-2011: DAAD-CAPES-CNPq Graduate Fellowship Technical University of Dresden, Germany - Prof. Gesche Pospiech
October 2010: ESERA Travel Award 2010 NCE-MSTL, University of Limerick, Ireland - Prof. John O’Donoghue
Language skills
Portuguese: Mother language  
English: Excellent speaking, reading and writing - TOEFL 570 in 1994 
German: Excellent speaking, reading and writing - DSH 2 in 2010  
Spanish: Good speaking/reading and regular writing 
French: Regular speaking/writing and good reading

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