Henrik Kragh Sørensen

Henrik Kragh Sørensen


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    Current research

    My current research is focused on the project DH4PMP: Digital Humanities for Philosophy of Mathematical Practice. In this project, we deploy digital methods (big data and machine learning) to study mathematical research practices, and we have access to a wide range of corpora and tools. 

    Currently, we are primarily interested in the roles of diagrams in mathematical practice, and the roles of linguistic elements in mathematical argumentation.

    Primary fields of research

    My research areas centre on history and philosophy of science, in particular the history of mathematics after 1800, the philosophy of mathematics in the direction of Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, and the history and philosophy of computer science.

    I have published more than 100 items, including research publications in history of mathematics, philosophy of mathematics, mathematics, mathematics education, and popular expositions.

    Among my key topics of research are the transition to a concept-centred approach to mathematics in the early 19th century, the internationalization of mathematics in Scandinavia (early 20th century), and the impact of computers on mathematical resaerch practices.



    I teach undergraduate courses in philsosophy of science for computer science students and for students of computer science and economics. Furthermore, I teach history of science, and in the summer, I teach an advanced course in Topics in Philosophy of Mathematical Practice (in English).


    I supervise student projects in history and philosophy of the mathematical and computational sciences. Thus far, I have supervised about 20 BSc-projects, a similar number of MSc-theses, and 2 PhD projects.

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