A review based on data science methods about digital technology in mathematics education


Jonas Dreyø, ph.d. student at IND


In this talk, I will present my current and planned work in my PhD project, about data based discussions concerning digital technology in mathematics education. The PhD project is concerned with how mathematics teachers can be involved in creating a shared understanding of their declared intentions and practices with digital technologies in their mathematics teaching. On one hand I aim to investigate and map the reasoning for mathematics teachers’ use or non-use of digital tools (CAS, Spreadsheets, Dynamic Geometry) in their practice. On the other hand, I aim to explore a method of high practitioner participation with data and digital methods from data science. One of the concrete projects in my PhD is constructing a review about digital tools in mathematics education by using data science methods. This review is based on more than a 1000 research papers, more than what is usually possible to read by one person. In this talk I will delve into the potentials and limitations of such a review as well as the preliminary results from the review I’m conducting.