A lesson study for initial teacher education on integer numbers


Sara Presutti, Lesson Lab Lausanne, Haute École Pédagogique de Lausanne


The concept of negative number has been problematic in mathematics for more than 1500 years. Teaching and learning of this topic often reflect this difficulty, in particular among prospective secondary school teachers.

Studying the teaching of integers may allow approaching important mathematical and didactical concepts. Among those are the construction of number sense, the distinction between theorem and convention as well as the didactical transposition of a mathematical object. For these reasons, this subject can be significant to be dealt with in initial teacher education.

Based on the existing literature, I will present my research project, aimed at conceiving and implementing a pre-service training on the subject of integers involving lesson study methodology.

In particular, I intend to analyse how lesson study can be adapted for initial teacher education in the Swiss context and under what conditions can it enhance prospective teachers’ MKT concerning integers.