Programming, computational thinking and mathematical digital competencies: resources based on cross country comparisons

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Andreas Tamborg, postdoc, IND


In this talk, I will present our work and planned work with a research project about the implementation of programming and computational thinking in Denmark, Sweden and UK. The research project is a collaboration between AU and KU and seeks to support Danish mathematics teachers to integrate programming and computational thinking (PCT) into their teaching by exploring and experimenting with the role of PCT in mathematics teaching. The project combines a comparative study of how PCT is integrated in the teaching of mathematics at compulsory level in three countries, with design experiments aimed at developing teaching practices that actively build on identified synergies between PCT and Danish mathematics teaching. The project will develop a new theoretical understanding of the relation between mathematics teaching and PCT and a curated collection of resources, solutions and organizational strategies that support synergies between PCT and mathematics in Danish compulsory school.

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