The relation between mathematics and programming/computational thinking in Danish and Swedish compulsory schools

DidMat seminar


Bo Teglskov Kristensen, Consultant, Center for Teaching Materials, University College Lillebælt.
Bo is involved in an ongoing, national research and development project where a new school subject entitled “Technology understanding” is being implemented in 46 Danish schools. As part of this project, Bo has been involved in developing a supplement to the Danish mathematics curriculum that addresses the new subject and in developing lessons that connect technology understanding and mathematics.

Lennart Rolandsson, Senior Lecturer, Didactics of technology, Uppsala University.
Lennart has done research on programming teachers’ beliefs and intentions in relation to curriculum and is currently involved in a research project concerning the relation between algebraic thinking and computational thinking in Swedish compulsory school mathematics.


As programming and computational thinking (PCT) are finding their way into compulsory school curricula across the world, many countries choose to integrate PCT as a subject matter in the mathematics curriculum. Although it is often highlighted that there are strong potential synergies between PCT and mathematics education, there are still few empirical examples of how these synergies can be exploited in concrete mathematical activities. At this seminar, two speakers from Denmark and Sweden will give talks on how the two PCT is envisioned to be integrated in the mathematics curriculum for compulsory schools in Denmark and Sweden, what role the two topics play in relation to each other, and what challenges the two countries currently are facing regarding these matters.

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