What conditions for the transition between the paradigm of visiting works and the one of questioning the world?


- Marianna Bosch, Universidad Ramon Llull, Spain

- Yves Chevallard, Université d'Aix Marseille, France


Implementing instructional proposals based on the paradigm of questioning the world faces many constraints related to old clauses of the didactic contract that hinder new action scenarios. Many open questions appear in connection to the questions that generate inquiry processes: Who raises them and why? What to do with the answers provided? Who is receiving them, and for what purpose? These questions bring out some notions of the theory of didactic situations that we propose to examine from the perspective of the ATD, like the very one of situation or the one of adidacticity.

Marianna Bosch will present some empirical investigations that originated this questioning to start a dialogue with Yves Chevallard at the ATD and TDS borders.