Learning in the lab – How can we strengthen our teaching activities to enhance the students learning?

Laboratory work is an important element in many study programs at the Faculties of Science and Health. Department of Science Education invites all who are engaged in lab teaching acitivities at UCPH to this seminar on how to develop and support lab activities to enhance the learning in the lab. In this three-hour workshop we will discuss how we can organize the lab activities to improve the outcomes of lab learning at UCPH.  We will present examples and experiences from our current pedagogical course for lab technicians, recent research on lab learning and different kinds of offers and support from DSE and ITLC.

The program has three topics that we would like to discuss:

  • How can we develop our feedback practices in the lab?
  • Which kinds of support and professional development could be relevant for the different groups of teachers involved in lab teaching (including lab technicians, Ph.D.-students, course responsibles)?
  • How can the use of pre-labs and post-labs support the students’ learning in the lab?

Each topic will include presentations and workshop activities with the participants.

We encourage both lab technicians and scientific staff  (including ph.d. students) involved in lab teaching at UCPH to participate and share your ideas and perspectives.


  • 13:00-14:00: Strengthening feedback practices in the lab
    (Jonas Tarp Jørgensen, DSE; Laura Teinholt Finne, PHARMA; Bente Gammelgaard, PHARMA)


  • 14:15-15:00: Intermezzo:  Discussion of wishes for professional development about learning in the lab – our ideas and your perspectives
    (Frederik Christiansen, DSE; Christine Holm, DSE: Minja Øsby, ITLC)


  • 15:15-16:00: Strengthening outcomes of lab-learning using pre- and post-labs
    (Hendra Y. Agustian, DSE)


Registration form

Please registrate no later than 4 november 2021.

Time and place

  1. November 2021, 13:00-16:00. 

Department of Science Education, Niels Bohr Building, Rådmandsgade 64, KBH. N.  
Room 01.0.H.154 (follow the signs).

The door at Rådmandsgade will be open from 12:45.

Contact Christine Holm if you have any questions