Launch of research programme: Addressing Sustainability with Arts-based Science Communication

Please join us for the launch of the research programme Addressing Sustainability with Arts-based Science Communication on Friday, May 17, at 3 pm. The event is held at the Department of Science Education, Niels Bohr Building, Rådmandsgade 64/Jagtvej 155, room 0.G.064/070 on the ground floor.

The Anthropocene epoch requires us to rethink the interfaces between science and society. Even though science will play a key role in solving the problems caused by our unsustainable consumption of the world's resources, science alone is not enough. The sustainability problems we face do not respect science's disciplinary boundaries, nor can they be addressed and mitigated from within academic ivory towers. This means that we must find new, equitable engagement formats that acknowledge a diversity of 'ways of knowing' (in addition to scientific ones) and support the co-creation of viable, socio-scientific solutions. The research programme Addressing Sustainability with Arts-based Science Communication is a systematic approach to developing science communication for the Anthropocene. The research programme runs 2023-2027, and involves a community of science communication actors in developing and testing ideas for this new science communication.


15:00-15:10 Welcome (Adrienne Lorelei Traxler)

15:10-15:30 Science communication for the Anthropocene (Marianne Achiam, programme leader)

15:30-16:15 Distrustful and misinformed? Ideological stereotypes of citizens in science communication (Professor Massimiani Bucchi, University of Trento)

16:15-17:00 Discussion

17:00- Reception in Hanna Adler atrium

The presentations will be live streamed and recorded.

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Bio: Professor Massimiani Bucchi, University of Trento

Massimiano Bucchi, professor of Science and Technology in Society and Director of Master SCICOMM, University of Trento, has been visiting professor in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. He is the author of several books (published in more than 20 countries) and papers in journals such as Nature, Science and PLOS. Among his books in English: Science and the Media (Routledge, 1998); Science in Society (Routledge, 2004); Beyond Technocracy (Springer, 2009); Newton’s Chicken (World Scientific, 2020); Handbook of Public Communication of Science and Technology (3rd ed. 2021, ed. with B. Trench, Routledge). From 2016 to 2019 he was editor-in-chief of the international journal Public Understanding of Science.