Supervision of PhD Students

Learning outcome

You will get the opportunity to meet with other PhD supervisors in a course where you can exchange ideas, concerns and experiences regarding PhD supervision. You will get tools and ideas for the supervisory process. 

The participants will improve their skills to:

  • engaging in discussions about research education at the participant's institution and faculty while drawing on theoretical justifications and reasoning
  • using conceptual models and a range of techniques to adapt their supervision to the needs of the doctoral student and the phase in the doctoral studies
  • developing their individual (flexible) strategy to build and maintain a good working relationship and set boundaries for their supervision
  • developing their supervision practice continuously
  • providing feedback on texts and presentations
  • aligning expectations - preventing problems
  • engaging in cross-cultural supervision
  • using questioning techniques and active listening in the supervision situation











Statements from former course participants:

 I really enjoyed the course and the teacher did an excellent job catering the course to our needs. She was very flexible in the way she worked with us and answered all of our questions. She has so much knowledge and experience in the area.

As a foreign lektor, I learned quite a bit about the acceptable conduct regarding supervision of a Danish PhD student.