Supervision of PhD Students – University of Copenhagen

Supervision of PhD Students

Learning outcomes

The course aims at the following learning outcomes for supervisors

  • Participants can engage in discussions about research education at the participant's institution and faculty while drawing on theoretical justifications and reasoning
  • Participants can use conceptual models and a range of techniques to adapt their supervision to the needs of the doctoral student and the phase in the doctoral studies
  • Participants develop their individual (flexible) strategy to build and maintain good working relationship and set boundaries for their supervision
  • Participants can continuously develop their supervision practice

The application and use of the conceptual models and techniques will be trained through activities on e.g. text feedback, active listening, peer feedback, and aligning expectations.


The course consists of presentations by the course teachers, group work and assignments. The underlying idea of the course is to support your individual competence development as supervisors in the best ways possible. To succeed, this demands your active participation and own efforts. The course hence requires you to participate in peer feedback on actual supervision in the interim period, to submit an assignment (expectations statement), and to document your competence development. Tools to identify your goals and assess your competences will support this.


Before the first course day participants should submit a reflective note on their current practice (guidelines will be sent out).

Work Load

The course is structured as one full course day and two half days, with interim periods for individual and group assignments. The total work load is estimated to be around 27-30 hours. In the end of each half day time is set aside to reflect on lessons learned. Together with your goal setting and assessment, the reflective notes can feed into your teaching portfolio.