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The research group studies how science communication and dissemination creates connections between science and society.

We are interested in how scientific knowledge, values and practices are communicated and disseminated in the interface between science and society, e.g. through talks, events, citizen science projects, exhibitions, social media, etc. In the group, we consider science to be created by humans, and shaped by institutional , social, political, cultural and economic conditions. This means that when science is disseminated and communicated, it is transferred and transformed from one context to another - it is thus important to account for these different contexts and conditions when studying communication.

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We are particularly interested in the communication and dissemination of various aspects of sustainability. For example, we have researched how science centers can develop concepts of health that are inclusive across socio-economic groups (World Goal # 3), how science communication can be made gender-inclusive (World Goal # 4), and how natural history museums can disseminate biodiversity ( World Goal # 15). We have good collaborations with a number of actors and organisations in the field, eg the Natural History Museum of Denmark, Experimentarium, Copenhagen Zoo, Sustainia, the European Environment Agency, and

The research group is responsible for a number of courses in scientific communication and dissemination, at the bachelor's, master's and PhD levels. These courses aim to prepare participants for a sustainable future. We support students from natural science study programmes in becoming more proficient science communicators, both during their studies and in the job market. We work with themes such as communication in a post-truth world, citizen science, communication with political decision-makers, journalistic writing, and more. We also supervise all kinds of projects (POC, PiP, BSc, MSc) within scientific communication and dissemination.














































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