Science Education in Out-of-school Settings

Science education in out-of-school-settings


Engaging in science in out-of-school settings can make important contributions to science understanding among children and adults and may positively influence important life choices. This research group addresses issues related to research in science education in out-of-school contexts including (but not limited to) museums, science centres, aquaria, zoos, botanical gardens, industrial actors, and science competitions. We are interested in how scientific knowledge from the research domain becomes scientific knowledge embodied in the educational milieus in out-of-school settings, and how this scientific knowledge is taken up by visitors.

Examples of research questions

  • In what way is the ontological status of palaeontology (science in the making eller ready-made science) expressed in the didactic transposition of scientific knowledge and practices from a research context to an exhibition contaxt?
  • How can the the conditions and constraints that influence the representation and dissemination of science in museum exhibitions be systematically categorised and analysed?
  • What are the roles played by scientific objects in interactions between museum visitors and scientific objects, how do the objects prompt scientific activities among participants?
  • How can collectives be described between institutions that collaborate to disseminate scientific knowledge, values and practices about plant genetic resources to the general public?