Learning Analytics Research Symposium

The symposium will be held on the 21st-22nd of November 2018 at the Department of Science Education in Copenhagen. With this symposium we invite researchers to discuss learning analytics as relevant in a Danish and a Nordic context. We hope to inspire theoretical discussions and joint research projects and funding applications. Our idea of a symposium is somewhere between the formal and the informal gathering to exchange ideas.

Learning Analytics is a growing research area within educational research, which deals the analysis of large and/or multifaceted data sets to understand learning. The promise of Learning Analytics is to use the growing amount of data that either is or can be collected and stored about how people act in educational systems to produce fundamentally new knowledge about teaching and learning. Large and multifaceted data sets have in - for example, medical research - helped researchers find patterns and produce knowledge that has ultimately saved lives. In education, analysis of these kinds of data sets may help design, implement, and evaluate different strategies for teaching and learning, which can help make educational systems better. However, as researchers, we need to couple the analyses with sound learning theoretical bases and existing educational knowledge to provide focus in the emerging jungle of data.

The idea with this symposium is that participants discuss ideas and projects in a semi-structured and semi-free way. Hopefully, this will initiate contacts between researchers to enable constructive feedback on work in progress and joint research projects.