ATD conference talks – Københavns Universitet

ATD conference talks

The 6th conference of ATD (Anthropological Theory of the Didactic) will be held in Grenoble, France, from Jan 22 to Jan 26. From IND six people will participate. You can hear the following talks to be presented at the conference in a "rehearsal" session - times are approximate:

14.00-14.30 : What knowledge do in-service teachers need to create SRPs? By Klaus Rasmussen and Britta Jessen

14.30-15.00:  Modelling teachers’ collective development knowledge of rational numbers through a dialectic between questions and answers: a comparative analysis of a Danish and an Indonesian case. By Zetra Putra. The formulation of policies building on scholarly knowledge - a study of actors in the noosphere. By Louise Windfeldt.

15.30-16.00  The external didactic transposition of Mathematics at University level: dilemmas and challenges for research. By Carl Winsløw (joint work with M. Bosch).