Teachers’ choices of CAS approaches in upper secondary mathematics

Speaker: Professor Niels Grønbæk, IMF, KU


During the last few decades Danish mathematical education has involved a rather extensive use of digital technologies to enhance mathematical possibilities but with the possible adverse effect of diluting core mathematical insight. Instigated and supervised by CMU[1] 95 upper secondary math teachers have participated in a project to counter this risk by explicitly, based on their own ideas, using mathematical software to develop competences such as mathematical intuition, logical methods and understanding of mathematical entities. Our analysis of the diversity of approaches points to three important circumstances: (1) A design dilemma between anticipated learning paths and students’ actual activities, (2) the importance of teachers’ strategic choices regarding use/non-use of instrumented techniques, (3) underrating of instrumental genesis.

[1] Center for Computerbaseret Matematikundervisning, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Univ. of Copenhagen

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