Students' learning experience in the chemistry laboratory and their understanding of the nature of science

INDsigt ved Hendra Yusup Agustian, Institut for Naturfagenes Didaktik, KU

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Although laboratory work is often regarded as an indispensable part of modern science education, it was not until the latter 19th century that individual laboratory work became a common phenomenon in science courses.

To date, science education, particularly on tertiary level, is thriving with both practitioners and researchers taking a closer look at laboratories in order to make the most out of its distinctive qualities and characteristics. Two of the most compelling cases for research and development in the context of undergraduate chemistry laboratory are students’ learning and their understanding of the nature of science.

How do students experience pre-laboratory activities? Which strategies are used by students to manage information during laboratory work? What view of science is promoted or adopted through laboratory experiences?

The seminar will explore such question through presentation of results from a research project as well as joint discussions. Hendra Agustian will present the results of his research, inquiring into the various aspects of students’ learning in the laboratory, particularly the preparation stage for laboratory work, and how they view science from an epistemological perspective. Based on this study, the seminar will suggest future directions for research and practice.

See also: Reasserting the role of pre-laboratory activities in chemistry education: a proposed framework for their design, 
review article by Hendra Y. Agustian and Michael K. Seery

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