The ecological dimension in the research field of mathematical modelling


Berta Barquero, University of Barcelona


This seminar focuses on the development in the research field of mathematical modelling and how different international theoretical frameworks address research problems related to the teaching and learning of modelling. More concretely, we focus on how some of these frameworks consider the “epistemological”, “economic” and “ecological” dimensions of research problems related to modelling. In particular, the institutional perspective adopted by the Anthropological Theory of the Didactic (ATD) place the ecological dimension at the core. Analysing the set of conditions and constraints that allow or hinder specific modelling practices, as normalised school practices, becomes critical. We will detail the use of some specific tools of the ATD, such as the use of the levels of didactic codeterminacy to identify and analyse the ecology of modelling practices. This analysis will be illustrated through the implementation of several study and research paths (SRP), along the last decade, which have been proposed to facilitate the dissemination of modelling at different school levels.


Barquero, B., Bosch, M., & Gascón, J. (2019). The unit of analysis in the formulation of research problems: the case of mathematical modelling at university level. Research in Mathematics Education, 21(3), 314-330.

Bosch, M. (2018). Study and Research Paths: A model for inquiry. ICM 2018 Proc. Int. Cong. Of Math.  Rio de Janeiro, Vol. 4 (pp. 4033–4054)

The seminar will be accessible F2F or via Zoom (see "Sted" above).