11. marts 2010

Nr. 18/2010: Didactics as Design Science - peer reviewed papers from a PhD-course at the University of Copenhagen

While the didactics of mathematics and science has always been about understanding and improving the teaching of these subjects, cognitivist paradigms for a long time made the descriptive or "pure observational" part of this endeavour somewhat dominant.

Increasingly, however, didactical research is based on designed interventions. With developments such as didactical engineering or learning demand studies, didactics is increasingly becoming a design science. The papers in this volume explore these new developments in a variety of areas.

All papers were written by participants in the PhD-course "Didactics as design science", the first in a series of four international PhD-courses offered by FUKU (The Graduate Programme on Education of the University of Copenhagen) and the Department of Science Education.

The papers were peer reviewed after the course and reflect the high quality of the participants' work.

The book can be ordered at secretary Christina Larsen at tel. 35 32 03 94 or be downloaded here:

Carl Winsløw and Robert Evans

March 2010