29. oktober 2013

Ledig adjunktstilling inden for naturfagsdidaktik

IND har en stilling som adjunkt inden for naturfagsdidaktik ledig til besættelse pr. 1. marts 2014 eller snarest derefter. Ansøgningsfrist den 25. november 2013. Nedenfor er et uddrag af opslaget.

At the Department of Science Education, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, a position as Assistant Professor within the field of Science Education is open for appointment.

The position involves research and development in the area of science (not including mathematics) education, mostly at the secondary and tertiary levels. It also involves research-based teaching with associated examination obligations within Science Education and Science Communication.

The candidate should have solid knowledge of teaching/learning processes in science, including more generic aspects like innovation, use of new technologies, cross curricular teaching and also have strong competences in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The teaching activities will include didactical courses for science students and university teacher teaching training programmes (such as our Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Programme or "Adjunktpædagogikum"), including supervision and courses in Science Communication.

The position also involves educational development activities including projects carried out in cooperation with other departments and academic staff of the Faculty of Science as well as international projects. The candidate should have excellent collaboration and communication skills, and experience with fundraising and participation in international research and TPD-activities will be an advantage.

Further information on the Department at www.ind.ku.dk. Inquiries about the position can be made to Head of Department, Jens Dolin.