PhD defense: Teachers’ Practice and Knowledge on School Algebra with CAS

PhD defense

Doctoral candidateLouise Meier Carlsen

Louise Meier Carlsen


The thesis studies different aspects of the implementation of CAS in school algebra. First, we consider the existing literature about the potentials and obstacles for CAS-based teaching in relation to pupils’ algebraic learning or lack thereof. Secondly, we describe and analyse the current techniques of school algebra and how they convey fundamental algebraic structures. Further, how such elementary algebraic structures would diminish with a naïve use of CAS. Secondly, we study how to design CAS-based activities that are focused on developing and formulating pupils’ concept of algebraic entities, and strengthen the relation between algebraic manipulations and their theoretic justification. Lastly, we consider how teacher education can support preservice teachers in developing practice and knowledge in par with the research literature on implementing CAS in school algebra. In particular, we consider the format of lesson study integrated in teacher education. Throughout the thesis, the notions of praxeology from the Anthropological Theory of Didactic is used. To describe and analyse the complex network of pupils’ CAS-based practice and knowledge, the teachers’ didactical practice to support the pupils’ CAS-based work, and the preservice teachers’ development of didactical knowledge for the implementation of CAS, the notions of praxeology is combined with the instrumental approach.

Download the thesis: Teachers’ Practice and Knowledge on School Algebra with CAS

Assessment Committee

  • Morten Misfeldt, Chair, Professor, Department of Science Education
  • Berta Barquero, Associate Professor, University of Barcelona
  • Hamid Chaachoua, Professor, University of Grenoble


Carl Winsløw, Professor, Department of Science Education 


Gunnar Restorf, Professor, University of the Faroe Islands