Research Group on History and Philosophy of Science

The Research Group encompasses the history and philosophy of the sciences broadly conceived while focused on integrative approaches to history and philosophy of science and on philosophy of science in practice.

The Second International Congress for the Unity of Science, Copenhagen 1936, copyright and property of the Niels Bohr Archive

Picture from the 2nd International Congress for the Unity of Science, Copenhagen, June 1936, with permission from the Niels Bohr Archive. Debates about the unity or disunity of science are still ongoing. It is therefore relevant to reflect on how science has developed since (and who have filled the “empty seats”).

The research group holds expertise in general philosophy of science as well as in history and philosophy in the special sciences, such as the life sciences, mathematics, computer science, and the earth sciences. Research in the group is also directed at other areas of history and philosophy of science that are of special importance to practicing scientists, science policy, and science education.

The group also works on the development of teaching strategies and teaching material, in connection to our courses in philosophy of science for science students.













































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Name Title Phone E-mail
Christian Benjamin Joas Associate Professor +4535334654 E-mail
Claus Emmeche Associate Professor +4551329149 E-mail
Hanne Andersen Professor +4535334196 E-mail
Hans Peter Halvorson Professor +4535320261 E-mail
Henrik Kragh Sørensen Professor +4535333963 E-mail
Joeri Witteveen Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535330467 E-mail
Josefine Lomholt Pallavicini Research Assistant   E-mail
Kristine Cecile Harper Professor   E-mail
Melanie Weilguny PhD Fellow +4535331581 E-mail
Mikkel Willum Johansen Associate Professor +4535320381 E-mail
Richard Anthony William Staley Professor +4535332546 E-mail
Sara Green Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535334632 E-mail