7. februar 2011

Nr. 20/2011: The Anthropological Theory of the Didactical

This book presents the products of a doctoral course held in Copenhagen from January to June, 2010. Its aim was to introduce a new and exciting direction in research on educational subjects: the anthropological theory of didactics, founded by the French didactician Y. Chevallard (cf. 1985). While the aims of the theory have developed and expanded over the years (cf. Bosch and Gascón, 2006), the institutional perspective on knowledge has remained central to its objective. This means that the theory aims to study human practices and discourses as phenomena profoundly linked to the institutions that frame, enable, and constrain them. 

Marianne Foss Mortensen & Carl Winsløw (editors), IND

IND's skriftserie no. 20/2011

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The Anthropological Theory of the Didactical (ATD) - Peer reviewed papers from
a PhD course at the University of Copenhagen, 2010
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