Ph.d.-afhandlinger fra IND

Her finder du en liste over ph.d.-afhandlinger fra IND. Hvis ph.d.-afhandlingen er publiceret i IND's skriftserie, vil der være et link til den.

Indleveringsår Navn Titel på afhandling
2024 Rongrong Huo Future teachers’ knowledge of real numbers and functions on computers
2023 Grethe Beiskjær Christensen What can the teacher education learn from preservice science teachers’ experience of participating in CHC?
2023 Laura Teinholt Finne Pharmacy Students' Experiences of Learning in the Laboratory
2023 Muhammad Aswin Rangkuti Learning challenges in the interplay between physics and mathematics - the case of the 1-D wave equation
2023 Camilla Hellsten Østergaard Implementing and analysing statistical inquiry approaches in primary and lower secondary school statistics
2023 Jonas Tarp Jørgensen Longitudinal Development of Pharmaceutical Students’ Laboratory Learning Outcomes
2022 Nina Holst Waaddegaard Integrated STEM Education in Schools - An activity Systems Analysis of potential barriers to implementation
2022 Henry James Evans Sustainability in Out-of-School Science Education: Moving Towards the Future
2021 Andrea Fransiska Møller Gregersen Developing viable study practices and student Indentities - an investigation of first-year students' work with decoding, navigating and negotiating the cultural norms of their programme
2021 Katia Bill Nielsen Science Students’ Choices in Higher Education: The Construction of Desirable and Legitimate Paths and Futures
2021 Yuvita Oktarisa Connecting Newton’s Gravitational Law with Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion: A Teaching and Learning Sequence for Pre-Service Physics Teachers inspired by Newton’s Original Formulation
2020 Line Bruun Nicolaisen Astrophysics: designing for inclusion
2020 Louise Meier Carlsen Teachers’ Practice and Knowledge on School Algebra with CAS
2019 Yukiko Asami-Johansson Japanese Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Knowledge: International case studies based on praxeological analysis
2019 Sanne Schnell Nielsen Teaching for modelling competence : expanding the scientific basis for bridging the gap between teachers’ practices and political intentions in the realization of a modelling-oriented science curriculum in Danish lower secondary school
2018 Marianna Vitti Rodrigues The dynamics of scientific discovery: A semiotic approach to information, abduction, and styles of scientific thinking and doing
2018 Eliza Jarl Estrup Dinosaurs on Display and Dissemination of Paleontology: An exploration of ‘Science in the Making’ in Exhibition Design
2018 Zetra Hainul Putra A comparative study of Danish and Indonesian pre-service elementary teachers’ knowledge of rational numbers
2018 Catharina Thiel Sandholdt Can a Participatory Approach Twist the Boundaries of Science Education? Co-Designing a Health Promotional Exhibition at a Science Centre
2018 Jakob Feldback Bahn Inquiry based mathematics education and lesson study: Teachers’ inquiry based learning about inquiry based teaching
2017 Dyana Wijayanti A Praxeological Study of Proportionality in Mathematics Lower Secondary Textbooks
2017 Katrine Lindvig Creating Interdisciplinarity within Monodisciplinary Structures
2017 Britta Eyrich Jessen Study and Research Paths at Upper Secondary Mathematics Education: a Praxeological and Explorative study
2016 Klaus Rasmussen Praxeologies and Institutional Interactions in the Advanced Science Teacher Education
2016 Ane Von Der Fehr Exploring social networks of municipal science education stakeholders in Danish Science Municipalities
2016 Louise Windfeldt Communicating Knowledge of Plant Genetic Resources to the Public: A study of demonstration projects in a grant -scheme in the Danish Rural Development Programme
2014 Sofie Kobayashi Learning Dynamics in Doctoral Supervision
2012 Bjørn Friis Johannsen Attrition and retention in university physics: a longitudinal qualitative study of the interaction between first year students and the study of physics
2012 Henriette Tolstrup Holmegaard Student's narratives, negotiations, and choices
2012 Jesper Bruun Networks in physics education research : a theoretical, methodological, and didactical exploration study : doctoral dissertation
2012 Levi Esteban Elipane Integrating the essential elements of lesson study in pre-service mathematics teacher education
2011 Mai Murmann Supported by Stories
2010 Marianne Foss Mortensen Exhibit Engineering - A new research perspective